Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot

Around a year ago I did my most memorable photo shoot with my cousin Sarah Collins. We came up with the idea while she was texting me about doing a shoot in the snow with a beautiful gown. For a while, we thought about different dress we had that might work and then I remembered my prom gown.  My prom gown is my favorite dress I've ever worn. My mom constantly asks me to sell it, but I've always refused. I was always searching for a chance to wear it again, and I finally got my chance. The pictures turned out beautiful even though I was freezing the entire time. 


We did the shoot on the land at my parent's farmhouse after we just had a big snow storm. The trees were beautiful and made a great back drop. Underneath my dress, I had to wear boots, and I attempted to keep warm with the scarf wrapped around my arms. I loved the way the tulle at the bottom of the dress looked in the wind. It allowed for beautiful detail along with how the beads on the dress sparkled in the snow. The shot in the chair was one of my favorites. I loved the way the red of the chair stood out against the snow, and how creative the idea was. It was not easy to get the chair into the middle of the snow especially because we were trying to avoid making footprints around it. It turned out to be an awesome photo and totally worth it. Sarah and I had so much fun exploring the farm and finding new shots. The middle photo was great with the sun just peaking through the clouds. It was a great experience except for almost freezing in the process. One of my favorite photos from the shoot was captured just from me walking through the snow, but it showcases the whole gown. It was also during a heavier snow than a lot of the other pictures, so you're able to see the flakes falling in front of the image. I hope Sarah and I can continue to think of more creative ideas like this one. I have a blast experimenting with her ideas and helping her make them come to life. I am not the best model, but Sarah is great at directing me so that we can still end up with beautiful photos. 

All photos taken by rose colored creative