10 Best Pittsburgh Sights

In Pittsburgh I've found that everyone who hasn't grown up here always goes to see the same sights in the city. Although these sights are beautiful there are some amazing views that people don't know exist. I thought I'd share my rating of the best sights which contains some of the common ones and some of the different ones you should go check out.

10. Penn Station at Night

penn station.jpg

Pittsburgh is filled with beautiful gems that a lot of people never get to see. Penn Station is amazing at night because of its architecture and the lights placed throughout the archways. I recommend walking through the station at night and experiencing this hidden gem of the city.

9. Smithfield Street Bridge at Night

smithfield st bridge .jpg

The Smithfield Street Bridge is one of the most intricate bridges in Pittsburgh. It has a beautiful old feel and the lights along it make it look amazing at night. If you want a cool photo or just a bit of an energy rush the median is large enough to stand on with the traffic flying by.  Along with the beautiful bridge, the city looks great behind it.

8. West End Overlook during Sunrise

sunrise west end.jpg

The west end overlook gives a different view of Pittsburgh. It's a bit of a drive, but you're able to see the entire city along with most of the bridges along the river. Its definitely worth seeing once and its beautiful during sunrise and at night with the lights of the city.

7. The Point at Sunset

the point.jpg

The point is a common place to visit in Pittsburgh. Its a beautiful fountain and gives a pretty view of the city from the back. It's nice to go on a hot summer day because the fountain sprays a misty water all around and cools you off. Another  cool way to experience the point is taking a kayak ride along the river. You can go right along the edge of the point along with going around the edge of the city.

6. The Cathedral


The Cathedral of Learning is not a spot that most people would think of when traveling to Pittsburgh but it is one of my personal favorites. The Cathedral has beautiful architecture that a lot of buildings in Pittsburgh don't resemble. If you sit by this fountain you can see a beautiful view of the building. If you go inside you'll see that the inside resembles Hogwarts from Harry Potter. You can also go up to the 36th floor and see the views of Oakland.

5. Roberto Clemente Bridge

roberto clemente bridge.jpg

This is an interesting view of the city and if you have ever gone to a Pirate game you've probably seen this view. Pittsburgh closes this bridge at the beginning and ending of a Pirate game so all of the fans can walk across. It gives you a feel of the city and you can take a look at bridges along the river as you walk across.

4. Duquesne Incline during Sunrise

sunrise duquesne incline.jpg

The incline is probably the most common tourist attraction in Pittsburgh. I think its worth doing at least once. If you ride the incline at night you can see a beautiful view of Pittsburgh from the windows. When you reach the top you can observe the city and when you wake up early you're able to see a beautiful sunrise like this one.

3. North Shore View

north shore.jpg

The North Shore is a beautiful place to look at Pittsburgh and its rivers. I recommend walking along the river and seeing the boat culture during a Pirates or Steelers game. If you walk toward the end of the river walk you might get to see this beautiful view.

2. Mt. Washington at Night

mt washington.jpg

This is the most common view of Pittsburgh that everyone tells you to go see. Although it is very typical it's beautiful and a must see when visiting Pittsburgh. There are multiple outlooks on top of Mt.Washington but all give you a similar view to this one.

1. Veteran's Bridge View

veterans bridge.jpg

This is my personal favorite, yet uncommon view of the city. This view is slightly hard to get to considering it is off of the highway 279 on the Veteran's Bridge. Stopping to see the view is a bit dangerous because of the heavy traffic whizzing by. Although, You're still able to see the whole city just by driving along the highway.


All of the beautiful photos of Pittsburgh were taken by http://www.nkoehlerphotography.com