Pittsburgh Born and Raised


Hello Everyone! I wanted to say a little bit about myself in case anyone is curious. Yes, I am technically Pittsburgh born and raised, but I was raised a little while outside of Pittsburgh in a small town. I grew up in a suburban area and recently my parents bought a farmhouse. My boyfriend, Nick, and I spent a couple of hours visiting and taking pictures of some cows on the farm. This cow is a bit of a loner compared to the other cows but the most friendly. I love adventure and plan to do as much traveling as I can in the future. Two big influences in this passion are the photographers in my life. My boyfriend is an awesome landscape and travel photographer who plans to spend a lot of his life traveling the world for his passion. You can check out his work here http://www.nkoehlerphotography.com .My cousin who I am quite close to is also an amazing photographer who shoots portrait and lifestyle photography but also has a passion for adventure and shooting new places. You can check out her work here https://www.rosecoloredcreative.com . I say this because many of the photos I post to my blog will be shot by Nick or Sarah. I now attend a University in Pittsburgh and travel over weekends and breaks. Sometimes I go with Nick around the city while he takes landscape photos and model for him. After I graduate, I  plan to spend a few years traveling the world and continuing to share my adventures here. I hope you all enjoy the stories, tips, and beautiful pictures from the places we go!