Weekend Trip to the Finger Lakes

Living in Pittsburgh it can sometimes be hard to find good places to travel for just a weekend. The Finger Lakes ended up being a great distance with awesome things to do. Exploring Air B and B and finding a cheap but nice place can sometimes be hard. I think we found the perfect cheap yet exciting place to stay with the options we had. We chose to stay in a teepee for the weekend where we had a sort of sophisticated camping experience. The teepee had air mattress, blankets, and pillows. There was also a separate cabin where you could shower and go to the bathroom. You can check it out here. If you aren't into the teepee idea, there were also two cabins you could stay in on the property.The women who owned the teepee was very helpful in the things you could do in the area. She gave us many ideas and even provided us with a map that we could take with us to navigate. We stayed closest to Lake Honeoye which is one of the smallest lakes, but we traveled around the area. The two closest places we visited were Cumming Nature Center and Grimes Glen.

Cumming Nature Center

We didn't expect much out of this Nature Center we thought it would be a quick trip and we would quickly move on to everything else on our list, but it actually ended up being pretty cool. We hiked a couple of trails and Nick was able to get some beautiful photos. To enter the nature center, it was only $3 a person, or if you have a big enough group, you can pay $10 as a family. The park had a really nice visitors center that was offering donuts and apple cider. We went during a weekend, so they also had a petting zoo, a welder who taught you how to make your own horseshoes, and someone who taught you how to make stain glass. We looked quickly at all of their booths, but we were mostly focused on getting to the nature so Nick could get some beautiful photos. This photo has been a hit from our trip on social media. The trails in the nature reserve are filled with trails that are lined with beautiful trees. Each path was lined with a different type of tree, and a few paths led to outlooks. One of the outlooks we went to had a beaver pond. Near the outlook resembled a marsh because it was filled with lily pads, trees, and tall grasses. The Beaver Trail ended up being our favorite from the reserve. They provide you with a map at the beginning so you are able to decide what trail you would be most interest in but the trails are short enough so that you would be able to explore multiple in one day. I would recommend checking out the nature center. It will give you a relaxing day of hiking and nature.

Grimes Glen

Grimes Glen is located in Naples, NY and is a small park for a nice hike. I would recommend wearing water shoes because if you don't want to get your feet wet, you'll be walking on very narrow edges of a running stream. There are two waterfalls along the hike, but the one at the end is the largest. We were told in the spring you're able to jump off the last waterfall. Although, when we were there the water level was not high enough. This is the last waterfall that you reach at the end of the hike. The glen was beautiful and worth the time if you have a long time to spend in the finger lakes. Many people there brought their dogs along for the hike. It was a family-oriented hike that would be great for an adventurous weekend. On the left side of the waterfall, the locals have placed ropes to help you climb to the top and explore. As I said before, in the spring these ropes are used so you can jump off the waterfalls. Sadly, it was too cold and the water was too low for us to be able to try this. I probably would have enjoyed the hike more if I had worn water proof shoes and was able to walk through the water freely. In the end, the glen was still beautiful and worth the quick trip.

Landscape photos taken by http://www.nkoehlerphotography.com