Exploring the Otter Cliffs - Acadia National Park

Otter Cliffs


In this post, I hope to explain how great taking the time to explore the Otter Cliffs was, and also to tell you all a little bit about the Bass Harbor Head Light. Our day hiking around the Otter Cliffs was my favorite part of our trip to Acadia. Before going, I had no idea what to expect I hadn't really looked into what the cliffs were about or what they looked like. I kind of just excepted there to be one lookout and for it to be a quick spot on our long trip. We ended up spending almost two hours visiting the different spots along the cliffs and just sitting to enjoy the views. Getting to the cliffs was an easy drive even in the winter with the some of the roads closed we just had to walk up a small hill. The first lookout spot was beautiful, but I encourage anyone who goes to Otter Cliff to spend some time exploring the trails around the area. We quickly found my personal favorite cliff from the day and and spent about a half an hour sitting at the edge of the rocks and gazing into the horizon. Everything about the spot was beautiful. I love taking the time to watch the ocean move and break it was a great time to be at peace with nature. The trail connecting all of the cliffs was also a beautiful addition to the trip. The trail was lined with beautiful bright green pine trees that made for a great photo spot. We even got to see a wild otter running through the woods on the path. 

The first picture on the left was taken from the beautiful green trails lined with pine trees. The rest of the photos were taken from the cliffs. The next photo of just me was taken from my favorite cliff while we sat watching the horizon. It was awesome how the cliffs connected, but also had separations from each other. The third photo was taken by Grace from one cliff as Colin and I stood on another. The last photo was taken by Colin of Me and Nick sitting on the edge of a cliff together. Colin has taken multiple photos of Nick and me in this position at different places we have visited, and I think I want to keep it as an on going trend. 

Bass Harbor Head Light


Visiting the Bass Harbor Head Light was also a spot I expected to be quick but ended up taking some more time. When we got to the Head Light, we were a bit confused because at first look the only view we could find was standing right next to the Head Light and looking out into the water. Nick was dead set on getting a shot of the Head Light with the coast behind so we started looking around for trails. Soon we spotted one on the edge of the parking lot that took us down in front of the Head Light with a view of the coast and some beautiful rocks. After getting the shot, Nick decided he wanted to wait for the stars to come out above the Head Light. We spent about an hour waiting for it to get dark enough to see the stars, and he got his shot even though we couldn't see the milky way. I think I was the coldest I had ever been from waiting, and it took a long time to finally warm up. It was definitely worth the amazing view. 

My next blog post will be about Boulder Beach and the Thunder Hole which are very close to Otter Cliff. Is anyone interested in the best restaurants open in Bar Harbor in the winter? 

Landscape photos taken by the awesome Nkoehlerphotography