Boulder Beach and The Thunder Hole - Acadia National Park

As promised I wanted to write my last Acadia blog post on Boulder Beach and the Thunder Hole. Both of these destinations are in the same long stretch of coast as Otter Cliff called the Ocean Path . They are both an easy walk or drive, and luckily the roads are still open in the winter which makes it even easier. Both places are a bit icy, so I would recommend being extremely careful if you plan on doing exploring while you're there. 

Boulder Beach 


Arriving at Boulder Beach was an interesting experience as you walk on the road toward it you can't see what lays behind the trees. When we made it onto Ocean Path and saw the view of Boulder Beach, we were blown away. Since we went in the winter, it was a bit icy getting down onto the boulders, and we had to sit and slide down a short distance. Once you're on the boulders there's not too much ice and they are easy to navigate. We spent a good amount of time sitting by the coast and watching the water hit the rocks. It's so different than any other beach you will experience and one of my favorite spots I've ever been to. This is one of my favorite photos Nick took from our trip to Acadia. He spent a lot of the time shooting the beautiful sunrise while the rest of us explored the different rock formations and enjoyed the coast. Boulder Beach is definitely a must see when visiting Acadia. 

Thunder Hole


Thunder Hole was also an awesome trip and just a short hike down Ocean Path from Boulder Beach. Although a few parts of Thunder Hole are closed during the winter because of the ice formed by the crashing water we still got to sit and watch an awesome view of the waves crashing. Nick climbed down into the rocks to get this beautiful photo just after a big wave had crashed. It was relaxing taking the time to sit and watch the ocean, and these were some of the biggest waves I had ever seen. We spent about 45 minutes watching this spot, and it was totally worth it. I would recommend taking a trip to the Thunder Hole while in Acadia, and I want to go back in the summer to watch the whole spot in action. 

These were some photos taken on our phones while visiting the two locations. The first photo on the left was taken at Thunder Hole while we sat and watched the waves crash. The next photo was taken while we were observing the sunrise on Boulder Beach and the last photo was taken while we were exploring on our way to Thunder Hole. The whole coast of main is gorgeous, and I can't wait to go back.

Both landscape photos were taken by Nkoehlerphotography . My next post will be about quading in the desert of Aruba.