Explore Aruba's Gold Mill Ruins and Natural Bridge

The Gold Mill Ruins and the Natural Bridge are both part of any of the tours you can choose when you visit Aruba. Both are a memorable experience and two of Aruba's most credited landmarks. 

Gold Mill Ruins


The Gold Mine Ruins are the next stop after the Alto Vista Chapel. They're one of the biggest stops on the trip because of the different things you can do while you're there.  The major aspect of the stop is taking the time to explore the ruins. You can climb through the rock that used to be a gold mine the whole way to the top to see a beautiful view of the island. Along the coast next to the ruins is the Aruban rock towers that they use to make wishes. There is also a food truck where you can get many types of food from fried plantain to fish. You can also get a cold Balashi, Aruba's own beer. This photo was taken at the top of the ruins after climbing through them. As you can see behind me is the rest of the ruins where you can climb and explore. In the background, you can see the coast where they build the rock towers. If you go on one of the jeep tours, they will teach you how to put the rock towers together, and you can make your own. 

Natural Bridge 


The Natural Bridge is the last stop on the quad tour, but we ended up skipping this stop and decided to drive there for sunrise on our last day. It was about a 30-45 minute drive from the Divi Phoenix which is where we stayed. It was a beautiful sunrise and definitely worth the early morning wake up on our last day. There are two natural bridges the biggest one sadly collapsed a few years ago, but luckily it was at night, so no one was injured. There is a second smaller bridge still standing next to the collapsed bridge. Along with the bridges, there is another garden of rock towers that have been made. This photo was taken from the hill behind the collapsed bridge. As you can see the remains of the collapsed bridge are laid out in front of me. It is still a beautiful view with the waves crashing against the rock. Both of these destinations are a must see when visiting Aruba. 

Photos taken by Nkoehlerphotography . My last blog post on Aruba will be about what restaurants to eat at while on vacation in Aruba.