Top 10 Restaurants in Aruba

#10 - Pure beach 

Pure beach is the pool bar and restaurant located at the Divi Phoenix. The Divi was where we stayed during our trip, so we ended up getting lunch at pure beach many times over the course of the week. I honestly thought the food was much better than expected. We tried many different dishes on their menu and were never disappointed. My personal favorite was the nacho fries, but there were many good options. The signature fries, chicken quesadilla, and nachos supreme were some more of our favorites. The restaurant is convenient, allowing you to sit in the pool at the bar, at the bar in the restaurant, or get a table along the beach. If you aren't staying at the Divi, you can still walk down the boardwalk from another hotel to check it out. 

#9 - Sopranos Piano Bar 

Sopranos is a piano bar located near the outdoor shopping mall in Aruba. Although Sopranos isn't a restaurant, I wanted to put it on this list because it is one of our favorite stops in Aruba. My family doesn't frequently go out to bars in Aruba, but Sopranos is a fun atmosphere with space that allows you to relax or get into the crowd in front of the piano. Every time we've gone the piano player has been talented and played a great song list. You are also able to request songs throughout the night. 

#8 - Bugaloe 

Bugaloe is a Pier restaurant and bar located along the beach in front of the Riu hotel. Every time we visit Aruba, we stop here. They have a large variety of food to choose from with a great bar and happy hour. The restaurant also leaves you with an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. Since it is located right off the beach, it is casual, and you're able to wear cover-ups and bathing suits. Another plus to Bugaloe is that they sell Aruba themed shirts that the staff wears. The shirts change every year and are a great souvenir. 

#7 - Eduardo's Beach Shack

Eduardo's is a little shack located on the beach next to the Playa Linda hotel. My parents discovered Eduardo's the last time they visited Aruba and took me there to try it. They serve Acai bowls, smoothies, and protein balls. I tried an Acai bowl, and it was a delicious treat to get at the beach. They cover the top with fruit, granola, and even peanut butter or coconut if you wish. It's super refreshing after a long day of being in the sun and inexpensive compared to a lot of other options on the island.  

#6 - Joe and Guisseppe

Joe and Guisseppe is an outdoor pizza restaurant located near the outdoor mall in Aruba. We've gone almost every time that we've visited Aruba because my grandma loves to get pizza. Their pizza is delicious, and the atmosphere is relaxing and beachy. The restaurant is fairly inexpensive and casual. The last time we went, they even had a deal that for every large pizza you bought you would receive a pitcher of Balashi, their local beer. If you're looking for pizza, this is the place to try. 

#5 - Benihana 


Benihana is a chain Hibachi restaurant in Aruba. We've gone a few times because Hibachi is one of my brother's favorite foods. The restaurant is always delicious, and the chefs are talented with their theatrical cooking performances. It is a bit pricey but doesn't require super fancy attire. Part of what your paying for is the experience. You also receive a large amount of food that you can often take home for leftovers. Our chef made this for our grandfather Rich's birthday.

#4 -  Faro Blanco

Faro Blanco is the restaurant located next to the lighthouse in Aruba. It is about a 30 minute drive from the hotels, but the views and food are worth it. The restaurant serves fine Italian food and gives you the feel of being in Italy. It's an outdoor restaurant, but there is a section with an awning if you want to be covered. Their Italian dishes are all delicious, and we all left happy. It is on the expensive side of the restaurants in Aruba but has an amazing experience that is worth a visit.

#3 - El Gaucho

El Gaucho is an Argentinian Steakhouse located in the downtown area of Aruba. This is one of the first restaurants I ever experience in the country, and I won't forget it. The entire restaurant has an Argentina theme and an amazing atmosphere. There's usually a Mariachi band that goes around to different tables and will play for you if you would like. The steaks are the majority of the reason we go here; they are delicious and have a wide variety of side options. A great place to visit if you're looking for a fun atmosphere and great steak. 

#2 - Amuse Sunset Restaurant


Amuse is a seafood restaurant located close to the airport along the water in Aruba. Nick and I went here for Valentine's Day because it had a romantic atmosphere and looked beautiful. From where you sit you can look out at the water and see beautiful trees and beaches. The tables are separated from each other to leave you with an intimate experience, and the seats are turned to face the water in front of you. We were greeted with glasses of champagne, and the service was great. The food was also delicious, we both chose the catch of the day and then shared the fondue dessert which was amazing. 

#1 - Madam Jeanettes 

Madam Jeannettes is a French restaurant located in the downtown area of Aruba. The restaurant is outdoors in a large courtyard that has many trees and string lights. There's also a guitarist who plays and sings soft music during everyone's dinner. The restaurant is very popular, so sometimes there's a bit of a wait or the service isn't super fast, but the food is amazing. Every time we visit Aruba we go here for dinner and are never disappointed by the food. It's one of my favorite places and has a unique menu. There is food for the picky eater and also for anyone who is adventurous. The food is also presented beautifully on the plate. They also have a wide selection of beer and a great cocktail menu. While I was here, I got a mango mojito that was delicious and had fresh mangos. Here are some photos of our food and my mango mojito. Definitely worth the visit!

If you have any questions about any of these restaurants or any other restaurants in Aruba feel free to comment them here. I would be happy to answer and share my experience.