The Perfect Chicago Day Trip

Chicago was our first stop on our Cross Country road trip and we were able to make it into a nice day trip. Here are a few tips for your day trip to Chicago. 

Willis Tower

Willis Tower is a popular destination for tourists in the Chicago area, but I thought it was worth making the trip to the top at least once. It costs $24 to make it to the top of the tower and stand in one of the four glass boxes where you can take pictures. For anyone scared of elevators this might not be the stop for you. You will be put into a large elevator with about 20 other people and quickly brought to the top while they compare the floor number to other famous landmarks around the world. At the top, you're able to walk around the whole observation floor and also visit their gift shop. The main attraction at the top is the glass boxes that you're able to walk in and take photos hanging over the city. The far left photo is me sitting in one of these glass boxes. You have to wait in a short line to have your chance at a photo but once you're inside they will give you a few minutes to take your own photos, and the workers will take photos of your whole group. In the middle of the boxes is an open window that is another good place to take photos. This is where the middle photo of Nick and I was taken. 

Millennium Park 


Millennium Park was one of my favorite stops in Chicago. The park is largely known for the giant, reflective bean that people frequently take pictures in front. In person, the bean is cooler than you would expect. I was happy I finally got to see it and walk underneath. The park also has a lot more than just the bean. You're able to take walks through the park and visit fountains, giant swing sets, and even a climbing wall. The bridge that connects both sides of the park was one of the best views of the city. We spent a lot of our time here exploring the park. It seemed like a great place to hang out while living in Chicago. The only spot that was really crowded was the area with the bean. 


Deep Dish Pizza

Getting deep dish pizza was something we had on our list when we knew we were stopping in Chicago. We took some time to research which pizza place everyone thinks is best and ended up going to Giordano's . The pizza was amazing and nothing like any pizza I've had before. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to try deep dish pizza for the first time. 

Thank you to everyone for reading about our trip! My next post will be about Badlands National Park stay tuned. 

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